The Village Boy Story


Billy lived in a small house in a small village with his mother and father. Village life had always been tough, but making it worse was the fact that Billy’s father was a heavy drinker who often beat his wife. Never-the-less, Billy’s mother remained a loving Mather and wife to her son and husband. She worked hard to feed her family. “I believe that no matter how hard things are now, one day they will be better “said Billy’s mother. Billy would go to school without shoes, without books and stationary, but he never gave up. His mother encouraged him to persevere every day. “School is key to a successful life” Billy’s mother would say, “Without education, life is hard.”

After he finished high school, Billy pleased his family by finding employment in the city. Billy’s mother was ecstatic-a job meant money, and that in turn meant a better life for Billy and his family.

But Billy was young, and in the city there was no one to steer him away from the many dangers of the world. For Billy, this was a wonderland, full of bright lights, parties, alcohol, and girls. Billy ignored his parent, stopped phoning his mother, and forgot about his mother’s dreams for him. Billy’s own long-term dreams were shattered. Life became impulsive: different parties, more beer and long, wild nights.

The endless “good life” soon caught up with Billy. He started feeling tired, losing weight and getting sick often. The doctor’s report was not a surprise: billy was HIV positive.

News reached Billy’s mother shortly he was admitted to hospital. Arriving at the crammed hospital in the big city, frightened and afraid for her child, Billy’s mother did not know what to expect. As she stepped into ward Six, She ran up to her son’s bed and cried “my son, my son, my son… “There was little left for Billy to say except: “I’m sorry Ma. I was close to reaching my goals but I got distracted. I forgot you strength. I forgot how much you believed in me. I forgot what you told me about being a good man. I forgot your love. Today I am HIV positive. I am sorry my mother.”

At age 24, Billy died in his mother’s arms.


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