Tears of the donkey

In kraal but not free
In kraal but not free

No matter what you do to people, they just don’t care about you. No matter how hand you do for them and also they do care for you…

I am a donkey and I was born in place that I don’t know. If I can just know that place, I will go back home. Because to be an animal like me, is too bad. Anyone who went to learn how to beat… they think about us and they don’t care.

They want us to work day and night even when it’s raining. They don’t care about us. They treat us like slaves even when we are tired they beat us. No matter how we cry, they don’t care and even when we need time to rest, we don’t get it. I remember one of the donkeys beaten to death. They threw the donkey in the bush. That’s why we cry from time to time for help; thinking that maybe God will hear us. Or if someone out there who knows where we are, can you please come and help us.…..   Tears of the donkey.


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