Happy Magogo Time is like a boll and life is something that we need to plan for our future, because without education is like a river without water. As we grow up we do not think about future tomorrow .All we think is what we have and we don’t think about learning or going to school .Today without education is like tree without leaves. Once upon time the was lady in they village calling Gogo Manzini. Gogo Manzini was one of lady born in a village; she grows up in poor family. She was the only child in her family. Her parent died may year are go, education that time it was so hand because her parent didn’t have money to support her, to go to school. Those years school where in the city. After Nelson Mandela was realised from jail every citizenship received free education at that time. Gogo Manzini was old and it was so painful for her to go back to school. The reason, Gogo Manzini wanted to go to school was because she wanted to know how to read and write her Name and signature and all her needed in her life. HAPPY MAGOGO 2 Today she knows how to write her Name and how to signature, she is happy Magogo and she didn’t give up for what she want.



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